At the end of this road lived Halcyone Le Faye.  The house burned down shortly after he died but it's still considered hallowed ground by the folks who live around here.  
    Halcyone had the ability to pass judgement on any poor soul.  Not second hand, like a priest casting judgement upon a sinner or from a book written by the hand of man.  But divine judgement, not handed down from above.
     Most have never seen the spot where Halcyone lived, although it has become  a pilgrimage.  They say they only get as far as this tree and can't go any farther.  They say the power still lies in the ground and I guess it's a fear of seeing the future that keeps folks from going on.
     They also say the tree never changes, it's always been the same size.  But I'm not sure, it could have been that when they were small, the tree was small too and they have just grown with the tree.    

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