My father always threatened me that if I continued to be a bad kid he would drop me off at this place.  He said they would cut the heads off bad kids, "boil the skin off'em and hang'em on the wall for good luck."  He said that's what killed little Jimmy Chatem.  But I know little jimmy was little because he couldn't breathe right.  That's what did him in.



Dr. Flagg, relieved that his son Allard, his servant, his cat and his horse survived the hurricane, allowed himself to be photographed.


      Toots would collect busted or fallen grave stones and attach them to the sides of his house.  Toots always said "makes me feel closer to God."


     Edwin Lemiere had to take a piss during the service, it was a small church with an outside toilet. "I was gone for but a minute" Edwin said and then he told me when he came back everybody was gone "disappeared" but the open bible.  Edwin said "it was divine intervention what spared me."


"They call that the hangin' tree." -- Vixen Smokes, (a well known Liar).


     Miss Llewlebrand sat there on her porch, "lookin' quite peaceful," right in front of the street for five days.  Mrs. Brandywine stopped by to say hello and discovered Miss Llewlebrand had "gone on,"


      "That house weren't there two days ago.  Seems a tornado plucked it right up from across the county and set it down soft as a pillow, right here in this cotton field."  Harlen Wert was overheard talking to a reporter from the Loval Telegraph.