Rayford Byrd, a Baptist, got bored with the usual Sunday meetings and the Tuesday and Thursday gatherings as well.  So after he heard about these Pentecostals tucked away in the hollers of Kentucky using snakes and strychnine to call out the devil he thought, "my my, that sounds like a real good way to liven things up a bit."  Birdie, a nickname his grandma gave Rayford because he had a squeaky voice as a kid, didn't have much use for the snakes since they were already a featured player in his dreams, but the strychnine, "now how can that be so much different then the local whiskey?"  All the men thought what a fine idea, but all the women figured it would make these gatherings not all that much different from life at home.
     So a standoff occurred between the men and women, with the preacher in the middle trying to calm things, because he could see the benefits of both arguments.  During a particularly heated exchange, Birdie took a huge gulp of the strychnine and proceeded to spray the vile liquid at a candle burning innocently on the alter.  The place ignited with 42 panicked individuals.  It wasn't a big fire, but large enough to put a bad taste in the minds of the congregation.
    They soon abandoned the building, which they felt was now occupied by its new tenant, the devil himself.   

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