Norben Peck thought he was protected by an angel, or something he wasn't quite sure of, "but I knew it was good."  He lived in this small house, only two rooms, but it provided a solid roof over his head.
     The first time he noticed this protective force, Norben, always at odds with the law, was cooking his usual dinner of greens and rice.  A knock of considerable force shuddered his tiny home.  The sheriff had come to pay a visit and ask his whereabouts the other night, which happened to coincide with a robbery of the local pharmacy.  Norben thought, "this is it, I'm goin' down."  As the sheriff walked in, Norben felt a big hand on his shoulder.  "It lifted me right out of my chair, took me through the roof and I got to watch the sheriff and his deputies scratch their heads and wonder where I had got to."  Norben was truly amazed.  When they left, he was back in his chair looking at the table and touching the stolen goods.
     The second time occurred during a terrible hurricane which blew through the sea islands.  The wind was so fierce, it tore at the roots of trees and swept them away.  "I could tell the house was movin', but it was peaceful inside, peaceful as Christmas Eve.  And I could feel the hand there on my house keepin' me safe and I knew it was good."

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