Emmett de la Hou was a man child.  He started out as a normal kid, or about as normal as any kid could be.  Emmett and his little sister Lila, called baby doll because she always carried her doll with her, were inseparable.  Lila would follow Emmett around like a puppy.  Emmett didn't mind, he liked the company.
     One hot Tuesday, Emmett and Lila got into a little fight, over probably nothing and Emmett went outside to help his mother hang the days wash.
     Smoke began to bellow from the windows and in a flash, before the two could even think, the little house burst into flames.  Emmett tried to run inside for Lila, but his mother held him tight and they watched in silence as the house burned to the ground.
     From that day forward eleven year old Emmett never grew up.  Years later people would spot Emmett wandering, carrying the burnt head of his sisters doll and mumbling," it's too darn hot Lila, don't get so close."     

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