Hester Tullis claimed to be a witch.  Her son Porter, was a lazy no good who threatened to have his mother conjure up restless Haints and cast spells of vicious evil over the little town of Catholic Hills.  He tormented the young Mrs. Heber -- "All your children will be stillborn" and threatened old Mr. Quinn with "tumors on the brain."  After years of abuse it was more than this superstitious little place could handle.  So the town, with renewed courage and help from the recently elected Sheriff, decided it was time to drive the Tullises from Catholic Hills.  
     First they went after Porter, they figured he was the easiest.  Things got out of hand and a noose ended up around his neck.  Fearing a plague of spells from Hester over the brutal death of her son, a torch was promptly put to her ramshackle house.
     A blanket of Kudzu quickly covered what was left, but Catholic Hills never recovered. 

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  1. This whole portfolio is dripping with atmosphere, and the words are a magical accompaniment to your masterful art. I'm taken with this kudzu form out there in a sea of vegetation.